“From the start it has been the theatre’s business to entertain people… it needs no other passport than fun” Bertolt Brecht



By Tom Basden

Directed by Zach James

The Pleasance, Islington

Tuesday 1st March - Sunday 13th March 2016
19.45, 17.30 (Sundays)

Mel, Martin, Phoebe and Jared are here to change the world. Duncan is also present.

Every great political movement has to start somewhere. In this case, Martin’s mum’s shed is the nerve centre of groundbreaking policy creation on stuff that really matters, like climate change, bike tax, unfair trade coffee and how to pronounce “abstention”.

After their sold out run of ‘Love In The 21st Century’ Bridge Arts presents Party, the hilarious critically-acclaimed comedy from Tom Basden about revolutionaries who are pro-cake and anti-pillaging.

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This production is kindly supported by Angelica Kavouni.

previous productions



By Nathan Brooker, Laurence Peacock and Milly Thomas

Directed by Gillian King & Kate McGregor

Hen & Chickens Theatre, London (Spring 2014)

“Mathematical love magic. They find people…For people…Like you.”

2014. Love. And the age-old problem of finding it. Can Michael, Mel and Adam keep romance alive in the age of love at first swipe?

After all, we are living in an era where meeting people is the easiest it has ever been, right?

Bridge Arts presents Love In The 21st Century. A new comedy about the pressures of finding “The One”.


Jesse Rutherford, Maya Saroya, Tom Scurr, Liam Thomas, Leanne Johnson, Alexa Matthews, Denys Gaskill, George Vafakis, Suzy Gill, Rosie Morris, Liam Mulvey, Emily Wyatt, DK Ugonna



Directed by Zach James

Soho Theatre Upstairs, London (Spring 2013)

A deadline was set. And Challenge was born.

13 up and coming talented actors collaborated on short pieces in the heart of London’s West End.



Fionnuala Kennedy, Paul Westbrook, Maya Saroya, Matt Martin, Stacey Norris, George Vafakis, Priscilla Adade-Helledy, Ryan Wiechert, Suzie Preece, Kane Sharpe, Daisy Rodger, George Jovanovic, Nicholas Gerard-Martin



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